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~Vickie Burgess, RN and 20 year veteran in oncology nursing
After only a few sessions with Ginger in her group restorative classes my back feels the best it has in years. Ginger's understanding of pathophysiology of the body makes such a difference. I offer my thanks to Ginger and I look forward to more classes with her.

~George Collins, attorney
Every Thursday morning after having worked with Ginger on Wednesday evening - it never fails - my blood pressure is the lowest. I have better flexibility, balance, and blood pressure than I have had in years. My spinal alignment and posture is improved and best of all - I'm having fun too.

~ Lou Collins, retiree
I originally started working with Ginger because of knee and back pain. Now my pain is gone and I have better strength and flexibility than I have ever had in my life, as a result of Ginger's yoga and Pilates. Ginger really individualizes my program - so I an enjoying great results.

~ Chronic low back pain and post-surgical patient, Angie Cooper, age 46
I have been studying with Ginger for almost a year now. When I first started I could not even take a walk in the mall without pain. I was having back issues (herniated discs) when I started seeing her - and I could not do hardly anything. But after only a few months of seeing Ginger, I experienced a big difference. Using her techniques has made a huge difference in my life - I walk taller. I swim faster. I bike farther.

Since starting with Ginger, I honestly say I feel 10 years younger! I have built so much strength and now I'm even doing backbends and hand stands in yoga class - just like I used to do when I was a teenager! Even the relaxation techniques are so important. I never used to take the time to breathe and relax the proper way. But now that I do, I am less stressed when problems come my way. I sleep better at night. I used to have a ringing in my ears that bothered me most every night and that has gone away completely. Ginger's yoga and techniques are what have allowed me to regain my health - and have made a HUGE contribution to my well being. I sing her praises every chance I get!

~ Longtime husband (adhesive capsulitis, diabetic, avid surfer with an active lifestyle closing in on retirement age) and wife (chronic sacroiliac joint and low back pain) clients in North Carolina
My husband and I are very grateful for the knowledge that is shared and incorporated into our pilates and yoga classes. All (Ginger's therapies) tie into our everyday lives and creates an ongoing, growing body awareness. I appreciate Ginger's holistic approach toward healing and growth - mentally and physically. We are truly blessed to have crossed paths with Ginger and her willingness to share.

~ Student who has chronic low back pain & is a young diabetic, North Carolina 2010
Ever since my first class with Ginger, results have been remarkable. I love her classes and feel so much better after each one. Her experience, personality, and the joy that she has in teaching her techniques to us is so warming. I truly have felt much better physically, spiritually, and emotionally since starting Ginger's classes.

~ Physician assistant and graduate of Ginger's PYT program
You changed by personal practice and teaching beyond words. Just to think that less than a year ago there were so many things not even in my vocabulary - and they are not words now but thoughts and action. Who says you can't teach an old dog!! PA-C, CYT-C, RYT, Florida

~ Student from Ginger's medical restorative classes
Ginger, Your love for what you do for others is so present in your sessions. Thank you so much, you are a blessing. student from class, Cape Carteret, NC

~ Canadian physiotherapist and graduate from Ginger's PYT program
A letter from a student to Ginger..."i want to share with you how much your instruction and guidance and the yoga you teach, has affected my entire life. I can't not do anything or go anywhere and not "do yoga". I'm always living it. It is beautiful. I've been practising yoga since the mid-90's, but I didn't really start to live it until after going through your program (PYT I-iV). I started noticing a huge lifestyle change after PYT III and IV, it was such an epiphany during PYT IV...I started meditating more...and the requirements made of us to complete the program..they have really made a difference in my life. . I am excited to keep sharing, teaching, spreading JOY and peace. My patient's now, one specifically, tell me "yoga is the answer"! Thank you for your unique program, Ginger. S. Prosko PT, CYT-C, Alberta, Canada

~ Florida based physical therapist
When Ginger teaches, she present her knowledge and true understanding like water.  Soft and yielding, her message envelopes each and every student.  With great respect, each student is poised the removal of undesirable debris and the smoothing of jagged edges.  This relationship leads to a beautiful and bountiful landscape of flow and balance that is accessible to all.  “Beneath heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water.  Yet for attacking the solid and strong, nothing can take its place.”  Tao Te Ching  Ginger provides very thorough and intuitive feedback to each students’ efforts and leaves no question unanswered.  I am continuously amazed at her ability to glean and organize so much information.  The manual and her spoken words are truly gems of knowledge to cherish and share!  I attended PYTII before PYTI and had a slight idea that PYTI would be more remedial.  This was by far not the case.  Many questions I had were resolved after attending PYTI (I attended PYTII first).   I have been fortunate to work with a pain physician and a rehabilitation director who are able to both communicate the benefits of yoga therapy to other physicians in the community and demonstrate improved outcomes.  Each of these modules provided new information and amazing physical, spiritual, and academic challenges.  I am (obviously) grateful and so looking forward to PYTIII and PYTIV with Ginger.  Namaste, PT, CYT-C  Clearwater, FL
~ Physician assistant, Master of Public Health, and graduate of Ginger's PYT program
Each time I take one of Ginger’s courses at PYTS, I am inspired by the practical and personal concepts taught.  I don’t want to go home (again).   PYTIV student, 2008
Just wanted to say THANKS for running such a great program.  That weekend has revitalized me in ways I didn't expect (although I'm more easily discouraged by what I do in my day-to-day practice of medicine!)  I am practicing yoga for very different reasons now, and I feel compelled to keep learning, and to share what I know so far.  PA-C, MPH, CYT-C Washington D.C.

~ Registered Nurse, RYT, and student of Ginger's PYT program
“I really appreciated the therapeutic knowledge gleaned (Ginger’s PYTI) from working with my own body.  Although I have been teaching yoga for years as an RYT, I feel more insecure and unprepared to teach due to identifying many knowledge deficits – basically I realize the more I know, the less I know and I need to study yoga therapy more.  I do realize that after PYTI, I can teach a safer and more therapeutic class now.” 
RN, RYT, CYT-C, Chapel Hill, NC

~ Registered Nurse, Master of Public Health, and student of Ginger's PYT program
Great week (PYTIV). Ginger, you are amazing! Brilliant! Thank you!  PT, CYT-C Juneau, Alaska
“Ginger is very, very knowledgeable and will be a great resource over the next years of my experience and growth as a Yoga Therapist”.
RN, MPH, CYT-C, Dunedin, FL

~ Physical Therapists in Florida, and students of Ginger's PYT program
Thank you so much Ginger, you are a true pioneer in the field of yoga therapy and a wonderful healer from the heart!  PT, PYT-C Coral Springs, FL

Ginger has an incredible, pragmatic approach to yoga as a creative approach to current rehabilitation and healing. Until now, I have “admired yoga from a distance”.   MS, PT, CSCS, PYT-C Davie, FL

~Doctor of Physical Therapy and PYT graduate Ginger, Deepest gratitude, extended to you once again, for all your intelligence, passion, and commitment.  As one who strives for being true to herself, you are a beacon of light to us all.  DPT, PYT graduate, Olympia, Washington

~PA-C and graduate of Ginger's PYT program
Ginger, Thanks for sharing all that wonderful information and experience with us this past weekend at PYTI.  How timely.   My monday 10 am class had a soon to deliver pre-natal, who has been coming regularly, a newcomer 2 weeks post surgery double mastectomy and hip replacement in the fall, in addition to the usual litany of aches, pains and special needs I am accustomed to with the Gentle Flow class.   I had every block, blanket, pillow and bolster in use, thanks to your guidance.  Some were active, others restorative.  And without this past weekend I would have been at my wit's end. I'm looking forward to PYTII.  Faith Bevan PA-C in emergency medicine,  PYT-C  Port Richey, FL

Sincerely thank you for all your time, energy, and efforts in all you do for the Yoga Therapy profession and also in keeping the “roots” of yoga authentic in your teachings.  I respect and look up to you and your pure, passionate intentions.  You are a great role model.  PYT graduate, Canada

The teaching practicals, case studies, and oral practicals with feedback are VERY helpful.  PT, PYT-C Merritt Island, FL

Having been through all four levels of my yoga therapy training with Ginger has been extremely helpful.  I began in 2002 in San Francisco.  Yoga Therapy is an excellent tool for my overall rehabilitation/therapy toolbox.  PT, PYT Calistoga, CA

Thank you Ginger, for your hard work.  You are such a master teacher.  I think that everyone benefits from as much personal asana practice with you as possible.  PYTIV Student, 2008

Continue the great work Ginger.  I am really inspired every time I come to your class.  Thank you for a great week at PYTIV.  OT, PYT Dallas, TX
Ginger, Your time, energy, and effort in developing the PYTIV manual is so appreciated – more than we can express.  It will be my “Bible” for Yoga Therapy.  Thank you sincerely.  PYTIV student, 2008

Thank you, Ginger, for your patience, wisdom, guidance, and non-judgmental way of educating us.   You have a talent for teaching – the way you suggest and constructively criticize is remarkable.  The balance between “long days” and giving us “time off” during PYTIV was perfect.  We had to work hard – but also had breaks when needed.  I did not feel like it was “grueling”, yet I learned so, so much and had fun while still feeling relaxed and refreshed.  Thank you! Namaste! PYTIV student, 2008

Great job Ginger! It was apparent how much effort and thought went into planning and organizing this program (PYTIV).  You are truly an inspiration.  PT, PYT Evergreen CO

I am amazed and the amount of energy that Ginger puts into the program.  Her passion and the detail that is covered is amazing.  Thank you Ginger, you are an inspiration.  Ketchum, Idaho 

Thanks Ginger for another amazing weekend...it has really recharged me to finally move forward with offering classes for patients/clients, as well as going deeper with my own practice.  I look forward to continuing my yoga therapy education with you.  PYT-C, Florida

"After 21 years of professional practice, I found the PYTS experience to be one of my most fulfilling. It not only engaged me physically (as a kinesthetic learner) but weaved a connection between mind and soul that I've found difficult to bridge in those patients that need that encompassing approach. I am now committed to incorporating yoga and its principles into my practice as a clinician. Thanks to all who have paved this path for us to follow. I am eternally grateful."                                             
PT, PYT-C, San Diego, California

Ginger, Thank you for sharing all that wonderful information and experience with us this past weekend.  How timely.   My monday 10 am class had a soon to deliver pre-natal, who has been coming regularly, a newcomer 2 weeks post surgery double mastectomy and hip replacement in the fall, in addition to the usual litany of aches, pains and special needs I am accustomed to with the Gentle Flow class.   I had every block, blanket, pillow and bolster in use.  Some were active, others restorative.  And without this past weekend (PYTII training) I would have been at my wit's end.
PA-C, RYT, PYT-C Port Richey, Florida 

"A wonderfully organized and thorough 3 days. After 11 years of clinical practice, I found Ginger’s PYTII to be one of the most informative, practical, and enjoyable courses I've ever taken. I look forward to finishing my certification."
PT, PYT-C, ~Tulsa, OK

Ginger, "Excellent class (PYTII), it was immediately applicable to my patient populations...especially the breathing, relaxation, and bandha techniques."
OT, PYT-C, Raleigh, North Carolina 

"Excellent faculty at PYTS...Rachel’s (PYTII) utilized her full background as physical therapists and holistic health care practitioner"...The PYTII course was extremely beneficial for me, and very practical information."
PTA, PYT-C California

“PYTII is an excellent course – one of the best I have ever taken.  Ginger is an excellent speaker and presenter, fully utilizing her depth of knowledge in physical therapy, rehabilitation, yoga, and as a holistic health care practitioner.”
Raleigh, PYT-C,  NC

“PYTI is an excellent course.  I am very impressed with Ginger.  She is an excellent speaker, practitioner, and is very astute in her observations and yogic evaluation methods.”
Occupational Therapist, PYT-C, Chapel Hill, NC

“PYTI was a very useful and informative course.  I learned as much about myself and my own practice as I did about applying yoga to my patient’s.  Thank you Ginger!” 
PT, PYT-C, Chapel Hill, NC

Ginger, thanks again for all of the yoga teachings by the oceanside.(PYTIII)   That was a sharp group of therapists to study with.  For the next class I teach, I am creating vinyasa's to music from the things you taught us over the week. Thanks for lightening up my yoga practice.
PTA, PYT-C Paris, Texas

I am realizing how much benefit I received from the PYTIII retreat, after being home for a week.  It was a struggle personally to spend so much time in Savasana and concentrating on nurturing, but it was exactly what I needed.  I did miss a regular flow first thing in the morning.  However I have found since returning home and integrating all that we worked on into a self practice how much last week has done for my personal practice, my regular class practice and my being as a whole.  I cannot really put it into words, it is just that good. So thank you, Ginger, for all the effort you put into everything you do.
PT, PYT-C, Calistoga, CA

“Prenatal Yoga Therapy was very informative.  I feel I could really relate to Ginger as an experienced yoga therapist and as a mother. Her knowledge of prenatal yoga was wonderful.”
A. D., RYT, Greensboro, NC

“Prenatal Yoga was excellently instructed by Ginger. She is very well educated and versed in Prenatal Yoga and shows a wealth of knowledge on the subject.”
RYT, PTA Greensboro, NC

“Prenatal Yoga Therapy is a wonderful course – it has been well researched and well written (by Ginger)..  The depth of her knowledge in prenatal yoga is fantastic.”
Certified Nurse Midwife, RN, Greensboro, NC

"I received my Ancient Yoga, New You DVD and just finished it....it is wonderful. What a great job on the content. You (author, Ginger) are an inspiration.  Thank you for a truly educational DVD. 
PT, Casper, Wyoming

“I enjoyed and benefited from Ginger’s presentation of PYTII because it very effectively blended the clinical with the esoteric.”
M.G., Doctor of Chiropractic, PYT-C, Seattle, WA

"Thanks PYTS...Yoga Therapy (PYTI) for Health Care Professionals was the best course I ever took.                                      
PT, PYT-C, La Mesa, California

 “PYTIII was excellent for me personally and professionally.  Thank you (Ginger) for sharing your passion and insight with us.  It was a week I think all of us will remember.  You are an inspiring teacher and individual with a beautiful spirit.  Thank you!” PT, PYT-C,  Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you (Ginger) for writing PYTIII.  Your passion, discipline, and dedication to this revolution (of professional yoga therapy for health care professionals) is felt in your presence and known in your teaching.”
Physical Therapist, PYT-C, Manchester, NH

“It is easy to go from “order” in practice to disorder.  Ginger’s course has taught me to stop and refocus and review the purpose of personal practice.  We use what we learn about ourselves to effectively treat our patients.”
Physical Therapist, PYT-C, Chapel Hill, NC

“Every time I attend a PYTS course with Rachel with CA or with Ginger on the east coast, I leave with homework for my personal practice and new treatment modalities to use with my patients.”
PTA, PYT-C Paris, TX

“Thank you so much (Ginger) for pursuing your dharma by founding PYTS.  It has helped me find and pursue mine!” PT, PYT-C, Eureka, IL

“(Ginger) You are a “goddess”, bless you for following your dharma and sharing it with us!  I cannot put into words what this week has meant to me an all levels.  I don’t think I’ve gestated enough with it to come to fruition yet.  I cannot conceptualize it (PYTIII) to do it justice.  Just know that all your energies, your earnest efforts, searching, diligence, and sharing are hugely inspirational and appreciated.  See you in PYTIV!”
DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), PYT-C, Bellevue, WA

“PYTIII pulls everything together from PYTI and PYTII. It all clicked for me.  Looking forward to PYTIV.”
CYT-C Indian Beach, NC

“I am excited to re-design my personal practice with this new knowledge.  After 8 years of practicing yoga I finally feel as thought I truly understand the biomechanics of asana and what they should look and feel like.”
Physical Therapist, PYT-C, St. Louis, MO

“I am incredibly pleased with Ginger’s PYTI and cannot wait to apply the concepts I learned. I will definitely be pursuing my full Yoga Therapist Certification. Yoga teacher, Greensboro, NC

“Ginger’s PYTI was a very positive experience that has showed me a new way of looking at rehabilitation.  It has definitely shed light on more possibilities for clinical practice.”
PT, PYT-C, New York

"I am amazed and delighted that we accomplished so much in just one session, somatically speaking. I can feel a very distinct difference in my shoulder when it is over my head - and the change while moving I would liken to feeling like it "bounces" in my shoulder girdle while I walk. 
LMBT, Polarity Practitioner, & client, Swansboro, North Carolina  

My mother has been in chronic pain for a rough few years.  Thank you for energizing her. She is excited your 'magic' will continue to help her feel better and better everyday.  I wish I had an instructor who works like you do up here. CSW,  Rochester, New York 

Ginger, Thank you for your tremendously thorough review. I really appreciate the time you took with it. You clearly understand what is required of a manuscript, and I, too, hope the author will put in the effort to substantially revise and resubmit.
Editor in Chief, IAYT

Ginger, I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss yoga with you. 
From the the first class, I knew I found something and someone special.  Since starting yoga twelve years ago, you are the most knowledgeable, talented, caring, driven, and extraordinary yoga instructor I ever had.  Your practices not only challenged me physically, but made me stronger mentally and emotionally.  Your unique approach of yoga therapy not only healed my shoulder pain, but more importantly helped me with the delivery of my first child.  You have created a standard that I will use for my future yoga instructors.  I have not found one yet....
Student and mother of two, Washington D.C.




Hotel Regina, Paris





My Timeline Highlights

1992-2004 Developed PYT™ while completing studies in yoga, yoga therapy, athletic training, physical therapy, Ayurveda, feng shui, music, & public health education.

Professional - The medical therapeutic yoga method I have developed co-exists within a framework of the Pentagon of Wellness, which treats every facet of the individual via evidence based medicine & rehabilitation within the context of a post-graduate medically progressive yoga therapy model.

Yoga Therapy - A controversial term with varying definitions, I believe licensed medical professionals are ideally suited to deliver therapeutically based yoga because of their comprehensive knowledge of the human form. Patient centered care has long since existed in modern health care, it simply needs to be applied within the context of a yogic model. I believe our program, working hand in hand with all advocated for yoga therapy, can agree upon a unified definition which will revolutionize health care delivery in this country.

2001-2 - After years of clinical practice, I began lecturing throughout United States in Pilates and Yoga for licensed health care professionals. I also wrote and directed the first certification program in yoga therapy for licensed heath care professionals in the US. The first two manuals in the series totaled 150 pages at that time.

EI Sunset
2004 - Emerald Isle, NC, Just before taking over the Yoga Therapist Certification program and formally developing it into PYTS™.

Studio Shoot Day 1
2004 - Day 1 of the DVD shoot

EI Shoot 2004
2004 - Day 2 of the DVD shoot

2005 Purchase Ginger's DVD - My DVD was shot in 2004 on location in Emerald Isle, NC. I produced and teach in the DVD which was released in 2005. Purchase: Amazon.com.
Read DVD Review

Washington D.C. 2004
2005, PYTS™ website launched

34 weeks
2005 - Photo shoot for prenatal PYT™. Began writing a natural childbirth book a few weeks before the birth of my first son. Photo taken at sunrise in NC.

Postpartum 2006
2006 - Postpartum photo shoot after the birth of my first son.
Soon after, I complete the manuals for Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Therapy and publish them through our own BROWNDOG Media Group. The first courses run in 2006 and 2007.

In the studio before William 2007
2007 - In the studio again, shooting photos for prenatal PYT™ just before the birth of my second son. My first son, then 20 months, was showing off his downward facing dog skills.

Postpartum 2007
2007 - Shortly after my second son's birth, we went back into the studio and did a mommy and me yoga shoot, along with a new bank of postpartum PYT™photos.

Photo Shoot
2008 - I am at work in the photography studio in shooting the last 650 of thousands of photographs for all of my books. Shooting photos has been a 10 year process, in order to document the PYT™ method. 2nd editions of course texts are finished. During this time I also completed the Yoga Therapy for Low Back Pain course.

Kaleswara Mudra in class
2008 PYT™ Course, first graduating class
Since its inception, the PYT™I-IV level texts have grown from 150 to over 800 pages in less than 10 years.

VT Picnic
2008 Retreat in mountains of Virginia

for our children
2008 - A session with eldest son, then 28 months old.

St.John 2009
2009 Ginger expands her teaching as far as Alaska and St. John, USVI.

Alaska 2009
2009 New editions published of her PYT™ I-IV & lumbopelvic manuals. Ginger pens a new course, Cervical Spine & Shoulder Complex PYT™. Ginger begins her seventh book and is her first geared toward women's public health education in the prenatal and postpartum.

Juneau, AK Whale Watching
2009 trip to Alaska to teach the spine course to Juneau and Washington State PT's, Yoga Therapists, and teachers.

Ginger Handstand
2010 - After 4 months of developing the new PYTS website and the new ER site, we launch both of them in February and then take a much needed retreat "off the grid" to enjoy the deep NC mountain snows/blizzards of 2010. (and of course, plenty of yoga)

Ginger and son
2010 & Beyond - My mission is to always search for the Better Way.

To develop a better approach to healing, day by day...

We need to measure our action in life not for our own gain, but For The Next Generation, For all of Our Children.











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