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Healing through the Universal Language of Healing Arts
Music, Movement, & Meditation


Ginger 2010As an educator and speaker, Ginger has been giving demonstrations, lectures, workshops, and creative performances throughout the United States for over 15 years.








Ginger lectures to Afghan women in the US
Her topics range from alternative careers in physical therapy to use of music, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. Ginger has taught thousands of health care professionals about her methods in medical therapeutic yoga and its success with all types of populations. See speaking topics below.

Learn more about Ginger's Method in Medical Therapeutic Yoga and CE program for licensed medical professionals.

Ginger has given lectures, spoken at/for, and consulted with:
Hospital systems
Private practices
Yoga studios
Professional organizations
Civic organizations

Ginger offers consulting for hospital systems, private medical practices, and community wellness centers on:

  • Developing educational standards and curriculum in integrative yoga and medical yoga.
  • Developing business models for developing integrative rehabilitation programs in medical therapeutic yoga.

Below are a list of topics Ginger has spoken, taught, written, or been interviewed about in the past.

Life Management

  • Meditation for Real People
  • Work/Life Balance for Mothers
  • Creating Green Space - Detoxifying your Mind, Body, Office, and Home
  • Using Music & Sound for Stress Management
  • Performing for Impact: Speak, Sing, and Play Better
  • The Corporate Athlete: Wellness & Team Building; Injury Prevention & Ergonomic Design

Holistic Fitness Planning

  • Build A Fitness Plan that Fits You
  • Get Better Results from Your Current Fitness Regimen
  • Exercise Less with Better Results
  • Holistic Weight Management
  • Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga & Fitness
  • Labor & Delivery Readiness with Yoga

Movement Therapies

  • The Spine & Pelvis: Strength & Injury Prevention
  • The Shoulder, Elbow, and Hand: Building A Lean, Injury-Resistant Upper Body
  • The Hip, Knee, and Ankle: Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • High(er) Level Performance in the Athlete (past topics have included golfing, overhead athletes, runners, hiking, swimming)

Women’s Health Topics

  • Adrenal Burnout: Winning the War
  • Osteoporosis: Prevention and Practical Management
  • Get Better Results from Pilates & Yoga
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga & Fitness
  • Labor & Delivery Readiness with Yoga/Childbirth education
  • Getting Your Body Back After Baby (when you don't have much time to exercise)
  • Partner & Relationship Building Yoga
  • Post-surgical, pre-& peri-menopausal fitness Read full description
  • Nurturing Fertility with Yoga

For Health Care Professionals

  • Group and Individual Medical Therapeutic Yoga Prescription
  • Wellness & Integrative Yoga Therapy Design
  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga Patient Evaluation & Management
  • Ayurveda for the Medical Professional - Expand your practice & improve patient outcomes
  • Evaluating Athletes Using Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Ayurveda & Elemental Analysis

  • Advanced Analysis & Prescription of Yoga
  • Designing A Happy Home & Office
  • Healthy Gastrointestinal Function
  • Voice & Sound Therapy in Meditation





National Athletic Trainers' Association Annual Conference 2010

Wake Med Lecture

Studio Filming 2004


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Speaking/Workshop Overview

A workshop can be booked to run from 2-8 hours, depending on your needs and the subject matter.

A workshop can include lecture only, or lecture plus interactive learning formats such as case studies, lab work, and/or practice of movement therapy and related skills.

Attendees will have access to multiple resources from Ginger's media library for continued learning such as hand outs, booklets, DVD's, and online medium.


Photos at left
Top : Ginger performing in 2010
Bottom: July 2009 - Ginger speaking to a group of Afghan women about wellness

Photos at right
Top: Lecturing to ATC's at the 62nd National Convention of the NATA in Philadelphia, PA in 2010.
Middle: Teaching a workshop at Wake Med in 2005.
Bottom: Live DVD shoot in 2004.






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